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High Pressure Cleaning of driveways is often overlooked when it comes to property maintenance but it's often the first thing people see and a high pressure clean with the right equipment can dramatically increase the street appeal of your home. Using professional high pressure equipment and expertise will provide exceptional results for minimal outlay and can add thousands of dollars to your sale price or valuation. If you are having your driveway high pressured cleaned then a great addition is to have your driveway professional sealed which can last years. 



Sealing of your driveway, patio, pavers or pool area will help protect your investment, help maintain that beautiful clean look. Jetstream Pressure Cleaning has a range of sealers from a natural look or wet look and we can also include a non slip additive. Some of our sealers will even last 3 years before needing to be reapplied. Sealing makes cleaning of the area simpler for years to come. 

High-Pressure Cleaning Services


Jetstream Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast can transform that tired looking deck. Sometimes customers decks goes years without cleaning or maintenance and before you do another stain, paint or seal make sure its high pressure cleaned properly. Sometimes dirt, grime & mould can be deep in the grain and may require bio-degradable products and high pressure cleaning to bring it back to life and Jetstream Pressure Cleaning can help and with free inspection please call us for some advice. 

High-Pressure Cleaning Services

House Cleaning

A full house clean can seem overwhelming without the right equipment and it is. Jetstream Pressure Cleaning can complete the task of your Gold Coat home with a combination of high pressure and softwash house cleaning with eco friendly chemicals to give the best result possible and have your home looking it's best. Great for special occasions, getting ready for a sale or just for your house to be the envy of the street.